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Interim Consulting Demand

IT contractor demand at highest point for over a year  Interim on the Up Swing The demand goes up as projects that were in a holding pattern prior to the Brexit kick off. Its never been a better time for IT Interim Consulting experts to top up those programmes needing rapid transition. LinkedIn Follow IT Consulting and Interim management skills are at the highest demand in more than a year now that post Brexit has kicked off. Demand for freelance IT contractors rose to a 14-month high in March 2017, according to the REC national index. The demand...

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CISO moves to the top table

The CISO moves from the basement to the boardroom  Changing Landscape of Security Five to ten years ago, the C-suite really didn’t have a relationship or a dialogue with the information security team or CISO leader, that’s changing rapidly now that businesses rely so heavily on their on-line sales revenue. LinkedIn Follow A growing threat landscape has changed the role of the chief information security officer in the past decade. Here’s why this position and its evolution are vital in the modern enterprise. “With the recent ransom virus affecting so many global businesses the executive boardroom stakeholders now...

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Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service Actually Requires Very Little Effort !  Definition of Loyalty Interestingly there is an inverse correlation between ‘customer effort’ and ‘customer loyalty’. The higher the effort required by the customers, the lower their loyalty; the lower the effort required, the higher their loyalty. This very much echoes the Amazon philosophy that the best service is no service. LinkedIn Follow Why the Financial Service Industry Needs to Simplify Every Customer Interaction, Keep it simple is best. In the early 1990’s I remember reading the following story in the IT press: McConnell got so fed up with not...

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Bad Management affecting your business

How to avoid hiring bad managers  What are the signs? If there’s a standout department where attrition is inordinately high, this could point to a manager who isn’t connecting well with his or her staff. Departments with troubled management also tend to show reduced rates of productivity, so always look deep. LinkedIn Follow Ineffective managers can drive productivity down and turnover up. Here are three ways to make sure the right people get hired or promoted Several years ago, the catchphrase “people don’t leave companies, they leave bosses,” began to circulate. There is merit to it if we...

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Breaking bad news to stakeholders

8 steps to breaking bad news to difficult project stakeholders  Programme Management Communication “Open Transparent communication is not easy and often creates a lot of unessessary stakeholder noice, but the right amopunt and style of communication will deliver great returns”, states Craig Ashmole, Founding Director of CCServe Ltd LinkedIn Follow There is no easy way to deliver bad news to anyone, especially difficult project stakeholders. Cushion the blow with clear open transparent PM communication. Bad news is inevitable at some point during a project—the important thing to remember is don’t try to hide it, because that will only...

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Cloud Migration done right

Lessons on How Juniper Networks made the switch in the cloud and what you can learn  The future of Cloud proving itself Its time for the CIO community to take notice of the benefits that some technology can bring their businesses. Take advantage of lessons learned from those that are ahead of the game. Cloud is the future. LinkedIn Follow There are many steps for a company to transition to the cloud. At the 2016 Structure Conference, Juniper Networks’ CIO Bob Worrall explained how the company is managing the change. For many companies, transitioning to the cloud is...

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