Customer Identity and Access Management Using Identity Orchestration Technologies

Five Things CMO’s Need to Know About Customer Identity and Access Management

There was a time when a CMO’s didn’t need to worry about Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) solutions. CIAM was the province of the IT department. Things change rapidly, though, and now marketing and identity access management go hand-in-hand. A business’s applications need to be able to identify customers across multiple platforms and should tailor its marketing strategies to specific customer identities that can only be uncovered effectively through CIAM. If you’re a CMO, or any marketing professional, who understands the importance of an effective CIAM solution for your business, here are five things to consider.

  1. The Right CIAM Gives You a Single View of the Customer

Your goal with customer identity and access management is to create a single view of customers across all department data profiles. From a marketing perspective, this allows you to optimise your ability to engage with your customers, as you are much better able to understand what their specific needs are, how to meet them and how to communicate you can more effectively meet their needs.

  1. CIAM Is a Security Platform

Having a comprehensive customer identity and access management system also greatly enhances security for your business. A CIAM platform can use real-time context clues to determine whether they should give a user access. If they detect anything unusual in the access attempt – a login from an unrecognised IP address or in the middle of the night, for example – they can be directed to engage second-level security protocols like requiring a verification code texted to an approved smartphone. In fact, your customer identity and access management system can and should engage multifactor authentication. This requires at least two identifications, like a password and fingerprint scan, for access.

  1. CIAM Is Infinitely Scalable

Your customer identity and access management system can adapt to an ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. It allows you to maintain your business processes and customer relationships across a wide range of devices, including ones yet to be invented, and for millions of customers.

  1. Customer Identity and Access Management Is Not Just an Edge for CMOs, It’s a Necessity

When the idea of CIAM first rose to prominence, CMOs could use it to gain a marketing edge. Today, all good CMOs are exploiting the benefits of customer identity and access management. If you’re not, there’s a good chance you will be left behind. Traditional marketing strategies are simply too slow in a digital marketplace, and you need the best customer identity and access management system you can find to stay ahead of the game.

  1. Journey Player™ vs. SDKs from Transmit Security to Meet Your Needs

“Transmit Security is a company that’s doing the right thing for customers that already have embedded Identity and Authorisation Management, and that’s to provide an orchestration platform that will enable low code low cost for future proofing their investments”, says Craig Ashmole, Founding Partner of London based IT Consulting – CCServe.

The Transmit Security Platform provides a solution for managing identity across applications while maintaining security and usability. As criminal threats evolve, online authentication has become reactive and less effective. Many organisations have taken on multiple point solutions to try to stay ahead, deploying new authenticators, risk engines, and fraud tools. In the process, the customer experience has suffered.

Instead of command after command embedded in application code to manage processes across an array of device and point solution SDKs, the Journey Player handles all of that and then seamlessly returns control to the application.

The real power of the Journey Player is its ability to consolidate point product SDKs and APIs, including native device elements for querying device parameters. Instead of having to change code to add or remove logic to support changes to SDKs, the Journey Player handles that automatically via the centralised Transmit Server.


Forester Analysis:

Transmit Security is providing workforce and customer passwordless solutions for the largest organisations around the world. “We highly recommend integration of passwordless methods using code in an IAM orchestration platform, such as Transmit, to support complex customer-facing portals.” Forrester Analysts

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Craig Ashmole

Founding Director CCServe